The area Westvoorne exsist of the town Oostvoorne, Rockanje and Tinte and is primarily a green and recreative area. The area has a beautiful variation of nature and landscapes with peace and quiet. Voorne's Duin is part of, because of its unique natural aspects to the most important nature areas of Western Europe. The unique variation in nature and the many sightseeing possibilites and activities, makes Westvoorne also an special receational area. On the beach and in the forest and dunes is het cycling, hiking and horse back riding an enjoyable moment.


The beach of Rockanje is an extraordinary beautiful one on the North Sea Shore. Because it is situated on the south facing direction (only one in The Netherlands), the beach of Rockanje is a true paradise for the sun lovers.

Add to that that the beach has a very slow slope towards the sea, you understand that Rockanje beach is a great destination for recreational use. In front of the shore there are a few sand banks so during your swim you do not have any problems of waves. This is why kids and less experienced swimmers have a relatively easy and enjoyable time.


Rockanje beach is also a clean beach. Many years this beach earns the most esteemed European Blue Flag. The Blue Flag stands for a clean and safe beach. On the beach are 5 beach tents with their own style and public.


The last years many kitesurfers found that the beach is great to kite. Many seawinds and shallow water.


Cycling and Walking

The Dunes of Oostvoorne (264 acres) lies in the west of the village Oostvoorne.  A varied natural area with forest, swamp dunevalleys, bushelwoods and dry sandslopes. In contrary to the dune areas in Northern Holland where the dunes over there are over several 1000 years old, are our dunes relatively young. The oldest are about 800 years old, and these days new ones are formed. Thanks to this low age, the sand contains rich of calcium. The plants have adapted to this and is offering now a wide variation of spieces. In the dune area you can find various wildlife like Icelandic horses, and Galloway cattle. These animals helps keeping the area open. Because of the health and safety of these animals, feeding them is not allowed.

The visitor center Tenellaplas you can get information about the dune area. Inside you can find the exhibition about the exsistence of the area, the richness of variation of plants, birds and other animals. Also you can find a shop where you can buy natural and biological products. From here also several hiking routes start.


The Oostvoornse Meer is seperated in zones so divers, surfers and fishermen do not interfere with each other when they are enjoying their sport.

The Oostvoornse Meer is very popular with divers from The Netherlands, Belgium and even beyond. Primarely because of the maximum dept op 40 metres and mostly good sight because of the hard floor bedding. During winter time sight can to up to 20 metres in the water, while during summer it is about 5 metres.

The Oostvoorne Meer is maybe the most beautiful diving spot of The Netherlands. Yearly about 600.000 dives are made. Also divers outside our country find the lake. If you want you can get your diving certificate within the weekend. The average depth is 20 metres. some point are 43 metres. Where the lake is currently sitatued used to be the 'Maasdrogen', a notorious sandbank where many ships have perished. There lies within the waters a ship cemetary where still wrecks are found these days. Specially for the divers, many attributes have sunk for them. Famous are the Volkwagen Beetle and a 46 metres long tunnel.



For who the regular windsurfing isnt exciting enough, is kitesurfing the next challenge. The beaches in our region are excellent for this new sport. We see more kitesurfers coming to our area every day. Especially the Slikken van Voorne are very popular and are found ashore from the western Oostvoorne to the north of Rockanje. 

On the beach of Rockanje it is allowed to kitesurf during low season (October 1st to April 1st). During high season it is only allowed to kitesurf between the following beach poles:

  • Northernn beach, between poles 10.0 and 12.0

  • Southern beach, between poles 13.3 and 15.4

  • Slikken van Voorne, between poles 7.6 and 10.0